One of our site's closing reason reads:

Questions seeking product or service reviews are off-topic because they tend to attract subjective, low-quality, and spam answers. On the other hand, offerings in the Bitcoin space are still evolving rapidly which often renders answers outdated quickly. For more information see this meta-discussion.

What is meant by "product or service reviews" in this context? When should we vote to close questions under this reason?


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The way I interpret this closing reason, we do not want questions that ask for an evaluation or comparison of services. Examples for off-topic questions:

  • What's the best exchange in country foo?
  • How do you like service ABC?
  • Is X or Y better for Z?
  • Is ABC a scam?
  • Let's collect all XYZ by posting one book/service/course/wallet per answer…

These sort of questions inherently subjective and prompt one-line answers, astroturfing, and other answers that quickly outdate.

However, I would consider the following questions legit and on-topic:

  • How can I do XYZ under these circumstances?
  • What should I watch out for when I choose a solution provider for that problem I want to solve?

Questions that focus on the how and why prompt answerers to provide expertise. While expertise is still somewhat subjective, it is valuable and non-trivial to come by for new users. Note that these questions still often get low-quality answers, so we should rigorously require answers to such questions to elaborate: how it solves the issue the user is facing, why the answerer is recommending a specific solution, and how they know about it.

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