The recent question about the GLBSE closing down was protected by me. However, some believe the protection was unwarranted. Should we keep this question protected?

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I think protection is warranted to prevent significant abuse/misuse. While I don't know which number counts as "significant", I think we're just not there yet.

Just downvote + comment any inappropriate answer.

  • I would tend to agree that we're not at an abusive point just yet, but rest assured the mods will be keeping a close eye on this question. The moment we're spending too much time moderating one question it will get protected :) Oct 8, 2012 at 16:45

I believe this question should be protected. For not we have 3 answers with reputation 1 - one is just a random comment, one is making claims without giving sources, and one being balanced, but a bit uninformative. I'd rather avoid the mess of the first two types of answers by keeping the question protected.

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