I fail to see any reason to have tag .

Is everyone fine with deleting it?


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I respectfully disagree. In the bitcoin realm especially, setting and origin can paint the Topic at hand equal shades of subversive, truly disruptive or positively purposeless grey. No one cares about a BTM in Venezuela because they are a little tied up by their shoe strings on cold concrete wrap in mats.

Take for example a question posted from an Argentinian inquiring about arbitraging the Blue Note V. Official Note Market, then finally converting into or out of BTC. This is a geographically isolated opportunity and with it comes regionally specific regulation and licensing considerations to say the very minimum. I see weight set upon the scale in instances such as these.

Similarly, a poster inquiring about the particular confidence in BTCx leveraging platforms that are central to Shang Hai, or Singapore for instance, again carries with it a distinct geographical flavor.


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    The 'countries' tag, was literally 'countries'. If there was a lot of question activity specifically concerned with one country, a tag for that country might make sense, but a tag that just says 'countries' doesn't really distinguish anything. ;)
    – Murch Mod
    Mar 6, 2014 at 23:26

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