Lately, there has been doing a lot of minor touch up editing, mostly adding code markers, removing of extraneous text and other improvements of readability. It is much appreciated.

One thing, however, might be counter-productive: There have been quite a few edits that suggest to set a link providing background information for a question under a non-descript linktext.

For example

I followed the steps for PC from here: http://cryptocur.com/litecoin/litecoin-mining/


I followed the steps for PC from here

Example taken from Miner seems to be stuck at receiving new blocks.

Such an edit hides interesting information: I'd rather see the source of (relevant) information without having to click an unknown link or having to move the mouse to hover over it.

A better solution would be to either put a sufficient description instead or to leave the link intact if it isn't too much clutter.


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I personally prefer "hiding" all my links. It just looks prettier and reads easier.

As far as I know, every browser will show you the target link if you hover over it. If your only concern is to be able to see the URL, then there actually is no real problem. Users of every browser already can, whether the link text is the URL text or not.

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    If you're gonna hide them, "hiding" them behind descriptive text is a good idea. "I followed the steps for PC from Litecoin LTC mining guide, cpu." That way, you get more information than you would with just the URL.
    – Shog9
    Commented May 23, 2014 at 1:28

There is a third option that I always use on SE sites:

In 99+ % of cases the page that you link to has a title.

Use the title as as the visible text. This is the essence of hyperlinks.

So instead of pointing here or to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bitcoin I point to Bitcoins, or in this case where the title is short and I want to add credibility, to the Bitcoin Wikipedia page


Ambiguous to demonstrate obtuse nature I agree Murch. It's one thing to click on hazards to your mental sovereignty, it's a whole 'nother can't of worms when it's a wormhole-hyperlink that's obfuscated by the innocuous "... Here."

I appreciate all of your continued efforts. I will do my best to submit answers in accordance with these and other shrewd guidelines that you faithfully set forth.


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