What's moderation actions have been taken on Bitcoin.SE in 2015?

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December 24th

December 22nd

November 11th

Sorry, I forgot to post intermittenly.

September 8th

  • Got in touch with Ethereum proposal, to point out that Ethereum questions are on-topic on Bitcoin.SE.

August 20th

July 28th

  • I've just added a small section to the help section of Bitcoin.SE titled "New to Bitcoin?" with some pointers to resources and introductory concepts. Feedback concerning action and selection of links welcome!

July 21st

  • Created to collect questions about leaving cryptocurrency assets to your bereaved.

June 25th

June 21st

June 17th

  • Added to collect questions about lending, borrowing, and loans denominated in Bitcoin.

June 9th

  • Added to collect questions about 51%-attacks. Started tagging the respective questions with the tag (up to now 33). Sorry for the flood on the mainpage.

June 2nd

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