Suppose someone asks for Bitcoin in our chatroom, for the purpose of testing a Bitcoin checkout application.

We've got a policy about doing that in an answer for compensation, but not one about asking in chat.

I've thought of four general approaches to this:

  • Remove all requests in chat.
  • Remove it or don't, use your discretion. (What factors should we weigh?)
  • Only remove it if someone complains.
  • Allow all requests in chat.

I'm open to other suggestions, though. Thoughts?

  • I dunno, it sounds a bit like online panhandling.
    – greatwolf
    Dec 18, 2016 at 13:28

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I'd opt for "use your discretion". As long as it happens about once per year as now, we don't need a fixed rule. If it happens more often, or in a spammy manner, I might consider suspending the user from chat besides removing it.

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