I'm currently at Scaling Bitcoin in the "Scaling Community Workshop".

One of the points that has come up as a potential solution for improving online discourse is "Fact-Checking".

Do you think that Bitcoin.Stackexchange.com could be a good platform for this sort of information?


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  • Fact checking on what exactly? – Afr Oct 9 '16 at 7:37
  • Evidence people are sourcing for their discussion contributions. – Murch Oct 9 '16 at 13:16

I think it's fine to ask questions like "Is it true that...?", if you want evidence to confirm or refute some claim. But with the usual caveats:

  • Volume: Please try not to ask a gigantic number of questions in a short time. Prioritize those that are of broad interest, or have unusual features that need specific expertise; don't just ask a question for every single thing that anyone says.

  • Justification: Give some explanation as to why the question is interesting, and/or who claimed it was true.

  • Research effort: Make a reasonable attempt to answer the question for yourself first. If you don't find the answer, then you can ask here, but include a summary of what you already tried, to save time for potential answerers. (If you do find the answer, then you could post a question with answer, if you think it is something that will be of interest to others.)

  • Standards: Try to make it clear what kind of evidence you would like answers to include. An expert's opinion? Blog posts? Peer-reviewed articles? References to source code? This will avoid answerers being frustrated when they work hard on something that isn't what you were looking for.

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