Over the years we've got quite a bit spam on how to buy bitcoins with credit cards.

I'd like to have a more permanent solution in place instead of a clutter of different questions and answers, and this coming up every now and then, e.g. Buy bitcoins with my regular AMEX (american express card)


1) Should we have and maintain a list of services that allow such a thing in form of a canonical question and answer pair?

2) Should we close such questions as off-topic under the "product and service recommendation policy"?

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The nearest we have to this (that I can easily find) is

How can I buy Bitcoin via a Credit Card or Paypal?


  • The Q is horribly dated, it talks enthusiastically about MtGox and seeks answers for MtGox.
  • There are 28 answers. I have no idea whether the services mentioned in various answers are still useful or have gone out of business.

This question comes up so often (Can I get bitcoin with melli bank account) that it would be useful to have a canonical Q&A.

I'm very tempted to try and clean up How can I buy Bitcoin via a Credit Card or Paypal? to remove MtGox from the question and maybe superficially check some of the suggested sites in answers.

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