After encountering yet another question about "How to sell bitcoins for fiat?" today (what things may I need to start withdrawal of bitcoins), I was looking for a canonical question akin to the corresponding How do you obtain bitcoins? on side of "How do you buy bitcoins?". It seems strange that we don't have a canonical question for that yet.

I found:

And about 70 unanswered, or closed as duplicate questions.

Am I missing a question that is more popular and has a great answer to that question? Otherwise, I'd suggest that we'd polish and promote the third (emphasized) question to consolidate all the answers of the duplicates there.

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Since I didn't get any feedback in ten days, I went ahead and merged a few questions into the proposed. I've linked a few more, so that the proposed canonical question should be very easy to find.

I would appreciate if more people take a look at the question in order to help prioritize the useful answers and/or provide additional answers.

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