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Why are alt coins not related to Bitcoin allowed here? [duplicate]

I see questions related to Bitcoin Cash and other forks of Bitcoin. Given that they are not Bitcoin, why are they allowed here?
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What should this site's name be when we get our new design?

Since this site started, one of the most frequent topics in our meta was this site's scope in regard to other cryptocurrencies. In fact, the site had originally been proposed as "Bitcoin and other ...
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This site should be renamed

Given that questions about Ripple and other crypto-currencies are considered on-topic: Should this SE also cover questions about Ripple? I think this site should be renamed to something like "Crypto-...
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Who hates Ripple?

There are a few people that constantly downvote & attempt to close Ripple questions. This is a callout to them - who are you? Why are you doing this?
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Why is this SE so deserted?

There is an active Bitcoin community at and the interest in Bitcoin is increasing at a fast pace. Isn't there a way to get all the people asking questions on bitcointalks to this ...
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Why is it bitcoin.SE instead of cryptocurrencies.SE

With all of the altcoin rage and the random loss/gain of trust in bitcoin recently, why is this stackexchange named "bitcoin" instead of "cryptocurrencies"? I mean, it seems like most of the question ...
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Adjusting the FAQ to make clear Ripple is on-topic

It seems there's an emerging consensus that questions about Ripple should be on topic here. However, we're seeing people voting to close Ripple questions as off-topic. They may disagree with the ...
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Are questions about alternative coins allowed?

Can we ask and answer questions about Litecoin, Yacoin and other types of altcoins?
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What can we do to better support questions about other cryptocurrencies?

Apparently, there still is the sentiment that Bitcoin.SE is only for Bitcoin related questions. As the community has discussed a long time before, we would like to be a platform for questions about ...
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E-cash P2P instead Bitcoin?

I suggest change this Stack Exchange name from Bitcoin to Electronic Cash P2P or something like that. There are a lot of altcoins question already.
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