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How to handle answers with security issues?

The most upvoted answer here appears to be quite dangerous advice. Exposing your wallet seed to an online tool might lead to all sorts of trouble, no? What to do in cases like this? Comment/downvote/...
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A guideline to evaluating Link-Only anwers

I've just run into a few link-only answers again. This time I found a useful guideline to decide whether they are worth keeping or not. good example: Shog9 wrote a longer explanation on meta....
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Low upvote rate and number of answers?

I've been wondering for a while wether the upvote rate and the number of answers per question is low compared to other SE. I recall seeing in the Area51 site, when the Bitcoin SE was in beta, that ...
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What do we do with answers consisting of dead links?

Today, I answered a question about altcoin price charts from 2011. Most of the original answers were outdated, of course. Four answers contained broken links, and given the nature of the question, the ...
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