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11 votes
1 answer

Collection of Canonical answers (Token Questions/Lightning Rod questions)

There are some basic questions that get asked and answered again and again. Over the past year, I've gone through a bunch of tags to collect and close as duplicate many of those towards Canonical ...
2 votes
1 answer

What's the best Q&A to promote to the canonical answer for "advance fee scam" questions?

We have been getting a lot of questions about variations of "Do I have to pay an advance fee to unlock a withdrawal/wallet?". I'd like us to designate a question and answer pair to the ...
2 votes
1 answer

How to address requests for Bitcoin book overviews?

I noticed that we have multiple questions that collect bitcoin book recommendations per answer post. So far I have found: What are some good resources for understanding Bitcoin? Any books about ...
4 votes
1 answer

Canonical Answer for "my payment went through, but the sender is not acknowledging it"

I just answered Bitcoin successfully deducted on sender wallet but did not reached receiver wallet, and I think I've seen a few similar questions in the past months. Let's collect similar topics ...
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1 answer

Do we have a canonical question and answer pair for the watch-only scam?

I think we have had about a dozen questions about imported addresses that can't be spent or watch-only wallets that can be turned into spending wallets with "just one more payment" this year. We ...
2 votes
1 answer

Should we create a canonical question answer pair on how to buy bitcoins with credit cards?

Over the years we've got quite a bit spam on how to buy bitcoins with credit cards. I'd like to have a more permanent solution in place instead of a clutter of different questions and answers, and ...
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0 answers

Possible canonical question - My Bitcoin Core {bitcoin-qt|bitcoind} is slow to sync - nomination

There seems to be a number of questions along the lines of: My Bitcoin Core {bitcoin-qt|bitcoind} is slow to sync? I have created a wiki-answer in response to one such question a while back and ...
6 votes
1 answer

Possible canonical question: "I sent coins but recipient won't credit my account"

We have a lot of questions recently along the lines of the following: I sent coins to service X which was supposed to credit them to my account (or deliver a product, etc). The transaction is ...
5 votes
0 answers

Canonical question for tracing IP address of transactions

Maybe it's just me, but I've noticed a several recent questions regarding trying to find the originating IP address of a transaction or Bitcoin address. Perhaps this is due to the proliferation of ...
0 votes
1 answer

Do we have a canonical question for "How to sell bitcoins?"?

After encountering yet another question about "How to sell bitcoins for fiat?" today (what things may I need to start withdrawal of bitcoins), I was looking for a canonical question akin to the ...
9 votes
0 answers

Unconfirmed transaction? >> Read this! <<

If you're experiencing trouble getting your transaction to confirm, please read Why is my transaction not getting confirmed and what can I do about it? before asking a new question. Thank you.
4 votes
1 answer

Looking for canonical answer along the lines of "Bitcoin mining is ASIC only at this point"

For the list of canonical questions I started yesterday, I am looking for a good (or the best) answer that could be a duplicate master for "Is it worth mining with Home PC/Laptop/Tablet/[anything not ...
2 votes
2 answers

Canonical Question for "What can I do about having sent a transaction without fee that takes forever to confirm?"

This is basically a note to myself or another interested person to find a good question that may serve as a canonical question-answer pair for the above issue. It was just asked yet again, which might ...