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Question closed without a valid reason

This question was closed by one of the moderators as offtopic although it isn't offtopic. Reason mentioned in the comment does not make sense because a summary with the question is always good to ...
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Revisit close reasons in 2021

MCCCS brought up in the 2014 discussion 'How could our “Off-Topic close reasons” be improved? What would be another useful one?' whether we could add another close reason regarding legal questions. We ...
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Are questions about trading on-topic?

I've noticed some trading questions that ask about topics that cannot be closed as off-topic because they are about bitcoin, but where the real question is only incidentally related to bitcoin and can ...
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Add "future market values" to close reason

Currently one of the close reasons reads: Questions on current market values, energy costs or service provider availability are off-topic as the answers are changing too frequently to be useful to ...
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How could our "Off-Topic close reasons" be improved? What would be another useful one?

We currently have three Off-Topic Close Reasons: This question does not appear to be about Bitcoin within the scope defined in the help center. (Default Off-Topic Close Reason) Questions on current ...
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Is the community here tolerant of polling questions?

I came across this question yesterday: I figured that it would be closed because it is a simple polling question ...
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Should questions on bitcoin theft be closed?

As an example, this is a recent question - Bitcoin theft from Coinbase account being hacked This is the second or third time I've seen this type of question. It's boils down to someone complaining ...
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How do we handle legal advice / questions on legality?

This question was closed almost immediately since it asked for legal advice. I think that the decision was correct in this particular case since the quote in the question is probably already as good ...
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What is too basic to ask?

What questions do we consider too basic to ask? This question of mine had 5 upvotes but was closed by Robert Cartaino (who is a StackExchange employee so there was no "vote to close" action). Robert ...
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