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I flagged an answer as a comment and the generated flagging-comment was transferred in error to another answer?

During review I encountered an answer that began "This is meant to be a comment ..." so I flagged it. The answer I flagged ...
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Any criteria for flagging “no longer needed” for comments?

Generally, I think stackexchange sites treat comments as a sticky notes, which is better to be removed if it can be. Reference: How do comments work? I’m asking this question because I came ...
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Why does commenting on Bitcoin Beta Stack Exchange requires higher reputation?

Why does commenting on Bitcoin Beta Stack Exchange require higher reputation? How does that help on SE on Bitcoin beta? Newbies' questions go unanswered and just merged to questions related prior to ...
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Flag on own comment

Can I somehow attract mod's attention to my own comment on an answer for validity? I'm not sure if my comment is complete or not. Example: Where is coinbase transaction after a hacker successfully ...
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Please post answers as answers, not as comments!

For the Stack Exchange system to work properly, we need answers to be posted as such. Lately, I have seen a lot of comments that contain at least a rough seed for an answer posted on questions. While ...
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Why can't some questions be commented on?

For example, this question. You can add answers to it, but there is no "add a comment" link on the question or any of its answers. Does this mean we're supposed to "shut up and answer it already?" Or ...
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