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Symbol feels off-center in favicon

If you feel that this one is too nitty, please let me know and I'll close it. It feels like the ₿ in the Favicon is closer to the right side of the speech bubble than the left. I'd assume that it's ...
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New site logo doesn't appear on Sites overview

I noticed that our new shiny logo doesn't appear on the site overview.
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1 answer

Your new site design is live!

As you can see, the new design just went live! At this point, we are done with major revisions to the design (although you can still report CSS/styling bugs by starting a new post and tagging it with ...
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Congratulations on the new site style!

the new style is fairly sweet at first sight!! just seen it and felt I owed you this after harsh critics a few months ago keep up the good work!
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Site design and logo — Draft

After gathering your feedback and doing some research, I have spent some time working on the design for the site, and I am excited to share the result. Hope you like it, and I look forward to your ...
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Custom Bitcoin design and logo - Information gathering

Congratulations Bitcoin community! We’re going to be creating a custom site design for you that we hope will represent your subject and we want you all to really love it. You’ve been waiting for some ...
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What should this site's name be when we get our new design?

Since this site started, one of the most frequent topics in our meta was this site's scope in regard to other cryptocurrencies. In fact, the site had originally been proposed as "Bitcoin and other ...
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At what point can we modify the appearance of the site?

I think we're about due for a cool custom design for this site. What needs to happen in order to make that a reality?
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New Beta Theme Launched

Your site looks a bit different today. Yes, we are getting rid of the 'Sketchy' look and replacing it with a more-polished and finished design for sites in beta. You can read more about the redesign ...
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What should our logo and site design look like?

Another one of the The 7 Essential Questions of Every Beta. Quoting the blog post: .5. What should our logo and site design look like? This one is pretty straightforward. Solicit contributions,...
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