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Why are questions asking for proofreading of long descriptions of a concept not well received?

I saw a question that went into a lot of detail on a concept and then asked whether that description was correct. The question post ended in asking a number of additional questions about the topic. ...
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5 answers

Proposal: Narrow topic of Bitcoin.Stackexchange to questions applicable to Bitcoin (Bitcoin.SE) appears to have been misnamed as the scope of "allowed topics" is much wider than Bitcoin. Originally, in Area51, the proposal was for only Bitcoin, but then it ...
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Collection of Canonical answers (Token Questions/Lightning Rod questions)

There are some basic questions that get asked and answered again and again. Over the past year, I've gone through a bunch of tags to collect and close as duplicate many of those towards Canonical ...
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Should we allow foreign-language questions?

With Bitcoin enjoying world-wide interest and support, should we allow foreign-language questions, or should we limit questions and answers to English? How can this site support others in asking ...
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Are questions about other crypto-currencies on-topic?

Originally in Area51 the proposal was for Bitcoin, but then it was suggested to enlarge the scope to all crypto-currencies. This idea seemed to have gained some traction, and the name and description ...
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