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Any criteria for flagging “no longer needed” for comments?

Generally, I think stackexchange sites treat comments as a sticky notes, which is better to be removed if it can be. Reference: How do comments work? I’m asking this question because I came ...
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1 answer

Flag on own comment

Can I somehow attract mod's attention to my own comment on an answer for validity? I'm not sure if my comment is complete or not. Example: Where is coinbase transaction after a hacker successfully ...
4 votes
1 answer

A guideline to evaluating Link-Only anwers

I've just run into a few link-only answers again. This time I found a useful guideline to decide whether they are worth keeping or not. good example: Shog9 wrote a longer explanation on meta....
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At what point do I flag "not an answer"?

I see a lot of answers to questions that could be better as a comment, is it just to flag these as "not an answer"? The dialog in the flag box tells me answers-as-comments should be flagged but I don'...
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When to flag low-quality, flag "not an answer", and when to downvote answers?

We have some strange low-quality flags most days, so I think perhaps a discussion on the best practice would be in order. The Very Low Quality flag is intended to be used for posts that are beyond ...
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Aren't recommendation questions off-topic?

I've recently joined this site due to my growing interest in Bitcoins, as well as to fight the flood of spam that's been coming in. In the meantime, I've been going through old questions, and came ...
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