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How were the initial moderators for Bitcoin Stack Exchange chosen?

I found this question on how moderators are chosen for public beta and "open site". How were the moderators chosen for the private beta?
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Stepping down as moderator

I'm stepping down as moderator of Bitcoin StackExchange. I find that I haven't been able to make the needed time commitment to the site. Thanks to Murch, Stephen, and the StackExchange CM's. It's ...
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What characteristics should our moderators have?

Time to get started on The 7 Essential Questions of Every Beta. So, what should our moderators be like? See this question for more info on moderators. Here's a quote from the answer: Shortly after ...
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Who should the moderators be? [Nomination]

Since the other "Who should the moderators be" question turned out to be more of a discussion about what makes a good moderator I thought that we'd start this topic that is just for nominating and ...
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Bitcoin SE - Seeking Community Moderators To Help This Site Stay Awesome!

Your community moderators have been incredibly busy over the last few months. There's more discussion happening on meta, the overall quality of the site has come up considerably, and the reduction in ...
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Bitcoin SE has two new Moderators! Please give a warm welcome to Stephen and Nick!

One of our Christmas presents had still been in transit, but on 5th of January it arrived: We've got two new moderators! As you might have noticed, Stephen and Nick had already stepped up before ...
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