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Question quality standards

Why doesn't the following question meet quality standards? Title:Ripple ledger Question: How can one download and analyse Ripple ledger? Tag:Ripple I also made the title the same as the question ...
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What tags are Bitcoin specific and shouldn't be confused with Ripple? (and vice versa)

I want to avoid the overloading of terms that are common between Ripple vs Bitcoin, and think this may effect the tags on this site. What tags need to be updated to reflect the difference?
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Who hates Ripple?

There are a few people that constantly downvote & attempt to close Ripple questions. This is a callout to them - who are you? Why are you doing this?
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Adjusting the FAQ to make clear Ripple is on-topic

It seems there's an emerging consensus that questions about Ripple should be on topic here. However, we're seeing people voting to close Ripple questions as off-topic. They may disagree with the ...
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Should this SE also cover questions about Ripple?

Ripple is a new peer-to-peer system that allows for money transfers. Should the questions about Ripple be handled on this StackExchange, or should new one be created just for the system?
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