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Progress tracker of implementing the scope change

On-topic help text -- updated Introductory paragraph of Tour -- updated Asks and Don't Asks of Tour -- updated Off-topic close-reasons -- updated Update altcoin tag descriptions -- in progress Close ...
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Proposed Timeline for Scope Change

Following up from the proposal to change the Bitcoin stackexchange's scope and the proposed help center text, we propose that the scope change occur on Monday July 1st. This scope change will result ...
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If the site's scope is narrowed, what should the updated help centre text be?

Background There is a proposal to narrow the scope of the that has received positive feedback from a large majority of users that have engaged with it. The vote count on the ...
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Proposal: Narrow topic of Bitcoin.Stackexchange to questions applicable to Bitcoin (Bitcoin.SE) appears to have been misnamed as the scope of "allowed topics" is much wider than Bitcoin. Originally, in Area51, the proposal was for only Bitcoin, but then it ...
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Why so hostile towards all cryptocurrencies except bitcoin?

How do we remove the hostility and radio silence for cryptocurrencies which are not bitcoin on this site? Recently I posted a question about bitcoin-cash and it was met with hostility followed by ...
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What should this site's name be when we get our new design?

Since this site started, one of the most frequent topics in our meta was this site's scope in regard to other cryptocurrencies. In fact, the site had originally been proposed as "Bitcoin and other ...
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Off-topic posts and suggesting an alternative

Regarding cdecker's comment at I don't mean to aim any criticism at cdecker,...
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Just found a bunch of posts which are just links to random discussions from Bitcoin Talk…

The Bitcoin Stackechange is not intended to be a place for discussions, but a place for answers. These rencent posts 1 (with self answer), 2 (with self answer), 3 (with self answer) are just trying ...
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Code Syntax Highlighting - Is Code In-Scope For Bitcoin.SE?

Stéphane Gimenez asked this question earlier today and it would make sense to me if the code syntax highlighting option were enabled for Bitcoin.SE. Granted we're nowhere near SO levels of code-...
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