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Is javascript syntax highlighting working?

From here, it seems that syntax highlighting should work. However, it doesn't seem to work for the javascript question I asked earlier, and some others - e.g: Bitcore-p2p: Peer.connect does not work ...
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Do we want Code Syntax Highlighting?

We've had more questions lately in which people asked about specific code from various Bitcoin-related codebases. I've also been approached by a developer who requested that we get Code Syntax ...
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Code Syntax Highlighting - Is Code In-Scope For Bitcoin.SE?

Stéphane Gimenez asked this question earlier today and it would make sense to me if the code syntax highlighting option were enabled for Bitcoin.SE. Granted we're nowhere near SO levels of code-...
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What's the problem with syntax highlighting?

Any reasons for syntax highlighting not working on main and meta? (Even when specified explicitly with <!-- language: lang-cpp -->) // small test bool this_is_awesome = false;
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