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42 votes
3 answers

Vote early, vote often!

An essential point raised in another StackExchange beta I participated in was that at launch a community pretty much sets the "level" of voting that occurs. For example, on some sites a good question ...
1 vote
1 answer

Why do i need to have reputation before i can vote?

I see some real good answers on this site but I can't vote and I can't comment. How do i get reputation points the quickest?
17 votes
2 answers

Where have all / The upvotes gone?

When this stack exchange started, we voted early and often. Halfway decent questions got 3-5 votes, good ones 8-10, and excellent ones 15 or more. Nowadays it's rare for me to see a question with 5 ...
12 votes
1 answer

Do we not vote enough?

For awhile now I've been looking at other StackExchange sites in the beta and I think we don't vote enough. We have some questions that reach 20 or even 40 upvotes, but a vast majority don't even ...
-4 votes
1 answer

Somebody has rigged the voting system, I'm leaving

When I downvote questions by ripper234 my votes mysteriously vanish, but when I upvote his questions the upvote stays. Must be pretty easy to get a huge rep by spamming the site with dumb questions ...
8 votes
3 answers

People upvoting incorrect or offtopic answers

In a way, I'm happy that our community has taken to heart the "vote early, vote often" maxim. But it's starting to be a real problem that answers which do not answer a question seem to be getting ...