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Accepting the answer is the job of the asker. It seems anecdotally that many askers have little reputations and perhaps do not appreciate the subtle benefit to the community in accepting answers or, perhaps do not realise that this is their responsibility or maybe even how to do so. As for upvotes, there seems to be some evidence that it depends on how ...


I would suggest editting the post with a large warning before the dangerous part, explaining the risk involved. If there is a large concern of safety and there is a safer alternative, I would also downvote the answer, and upvote the safer option. If the answer is outright and obviously destructive, you could flag it for deletion.


Should a moderator delete outdated answers? Yep. Done.


On this particular site, answers with barely more than a link really compound the broken windows problem, since so much of the spam that we see actually looks like a legit answer recommending some web site or service. If you see these in the form of some kind of testimonial, first - have a hard look at the question itself to see if it lacks enough scope to ...

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