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Revisit close reasons in 2021

I've always thought that the 'service provider availability' reason for close is perhaps better grouped with the 'product or service reviews' category. There have been a number of times I've seen Qs ...
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Add "future market values" to close reason

I also think that's a good idea. I've created a new close reason in line with Greg's suggestion. @Nick could you please deactivate the old one, then activate the new one? I can't approve it myself.
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Adding more community-specific reasons for closing

Unfortunately, each site is only allotted a maximum of 4 custom close reasons. The ones we currently have are: Personally, I would love to see more custom reasons added, but that would need ...
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Question closed without a valid reason

It was pointed out to the asker that the scope of the question was unclear via a comment per a custom close reason. The question was reopened after the asker addressed some of the feedback.
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Are questions about trading on-topic?

According to the Help Center: ...and [the question] is not about … programming technique investment advice politics or philosophy a site or software recommendation I'm not sure but I think these ...
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How could our "Off-Topic close reasons" be improved? What would be another useful one?

Is there enough space for?: Questions regarding the legal side of the use of Bitcoin are off-topic as the answers depending on the local jurisdiction are unlikely to be helpful to others Law ...
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