Disclaimer: I'm obviously biased due to my long-term involvement in Bitcoin. I am in favor of narrowing the scope, and based on comments and close votes by some of the more active contributors here, I believe there is sufficient mass for this. My reasoning is that people come to the Bitcoin stackexchange for questions on Bitcoin, and (mostly) low-quality ...


I agree that we should narrow the scope of Bitcoin.SE. If you look through questions that are tagged as altcoins, you'll notice that many are left unanswered, and many are also fairly low quality questions. I would suggest that we don't narrow down the topic too far. I think we could take an approach similar to what Bitcointalk.org does - to also allow ...


I just stumbled across some additional text that could be changed for better clarity: An Eth-related question was posted on Bitcoin.SE.com, and then migrated to Ethereum.SE.com. If you follow the link to the (now migrated) question, it includes this text: This question came from our site for Bitcoin crypto-currency enthusiasts. Here is a screenshot of ...


Are questions about other crypto-currencies on-topic? Not any more. Since about 1st July 2019 the scope has been narrowed to Bitcoin only. See Proposed Timeline for Scope Change Proposal: Narrow topic of Bitcoin.Stackexchange to questions applicable to Bitcoin


There are stack exchanges sites such as ethereum.SE.com, which have a scope that is restricted to Ethereum. There are some other altcoins that have sites in Area 51 as well. The Bitcoin.SE.com site includes altcoins, because at first it was the only cryptocurrency SE site, and so of course it would make sense to allow altcoin questions. Now, years later, ...


Pieter said it well: "sufficiently generic things should probably remain on topic here anyway". Other answers on that discussion appear to also endorse general cryptocurrency/blockchain questions. From what I understand, the main frustration was with being the kitchen sink for all the hyperspecific, lazily written, or obscure altcoin questions that hardly ...


I've updated the Ask & Don't Ask section of the tour. Before: After:


I've updated the introduction on the tour. Before: After:

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