Are questions about other crypto-currencies on-topic? Not any more. Since about 1st July 2019 the scope has been narrowed to Bitcoin only. See Proposed Timeline for Scope Change Proposal: Narrow topic of Bitcoin.Stackexchange to questions applicable to Bitcoin


I would suggest that for a user unfamiliar with C++, and even with the codebase in question, it is kind of a stretch to ask them to use code search to find something when they don't have any idea what the code might look like. But I also question the user's motives in asking this - if the user is not a programmer, what problem are they actually trying to ...


If someone wanted to ask a question that applied to Ravencoin the same way it applies to Bitcoin, it could be phrased so it is applicable to Bitcoin and would probably get an answer quickly. Questions specific only to other cryptocurrencies are off-topic and would get closed as such.


If they are legitimate, original questions we should answer them. However, those "flag" words should be edited out of the title and body of the question. New users don't realize that they only distract from the question they are asking. Most of these questions, however, tend to be duplicates of our canonical questions. In this case, marking them as a ...


These questions don't work well with our format: They break the "duplicate" process, and especially cause problems when they get great partial answers. Please DON'T ANSWER all questions in one answer post. You will be duplicating work, and produce content that will be useful to very few people. Most likely your post will be deleted and your effort wasted. ...

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