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My recollection is that this SE was supposed to be broad enough to cover crypto-currencies generally. However, the current FAQ seems to be narrower, even saying "a cryptocurrency or technology derived directly from Bitcoin such as Namecoin". Personally, I'd like to see this SE broad enough even to cover centralized systems like MintChip if there are ...


While Ripple is not a system derived from Bitcoin, nor does it share all of its characteristics, I think the questions about Ripple should be on topic for this StackExchange as we are also dealing with a decentralised peer-to-peer approach to currency.


Who is doing it is irrelevant. The important question is why. Ripple questions are getting close votes, but nobody's spoken against Ripple's inclusion in this discussion. (edit: AntonAnsagar has now, and Stephen Gornick posted something that can kinda be interpreted either way.) There are two possible reasons for that: People voting to close are unaware of ...


Ripple is a very interesting cryptosystem, with entirely different solutions to currency distribution and double-spends. Because of that, I feel it ought to be discussed. However, Ripple is definitely too small of a topic to deserve its own stackexchange site. Assuming we want to allow Ripple, we have a choice: Make a one-time exception for Ripple. Change ...

4 appears to have been misnamed as the scope of "allowed topics" is much wider than bitcoin.


I don't hate ripple but my scam/bs radar is very much warning me about it. Here is why: Obviously 5-6 accounts are trying to promote Ripple here. These accounts are most probably owned by people who have a stake in Ripple or OpenCoin or whatever. You are abusing this SE to promote your project/company. I've ...


I think Bitcoin and Ripple are different enough that they should be split if the volume warrants it, but similar enough that they can be combined if it does not. At the moment, the latter is the case, but that may change should both continue to grow.

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