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Currently (7.2016) I'm a front-end developer and CTO in the "Дети и наука" online education project (childrenscience.ru). Working there since 9.2016 when got my PhD in the field of chemical physics (soft matter physics). Got master degree in Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (applied math and physics).

Before childrenscience participated mostly in FOSS projects (like TiddlyWiki and plugins for it, maintainer of the core since 2018), coded mostly front-end (TiddlyWiki is a SAP, hence HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery), but also have skills in Node.js, C, C++, Python, SQL, basic knowledge of Git, PHP, Apache, some web protocols, GitHub, Jira, Drupal (I was an admin of a couple of corporate sites and corresponding social network pages for approximately a year); also know and deal with Unix, Arduino, do some 3D-modeling and printing (using Blender/Autodesk Fusion 360 + RepRap Prusa i3) and learn prototyping and robotics in a couple of places. Developed a MathQuil plugin for Etherpad (not released yet as a separate plugin). In 2016 participated in "4 sprints towards Internet of Things" by Intel. In 2016-2017 participated "IT-management school" by CROC incorporated (learning and practicing design-thinking, various agile approaches etc).

I also participate in different educational projects (different summer schools for 1-5th and 7-8th forms, teaching math, physics and electronics; science festivals, showing and discussing physical experiments; taught physics in secondary school for 1 year; tutored a student in math analysis for 1 year; lead some "engineering" projects in summer schools [actually those were mostly about creativity and making, not about real engineering]; some other activities). Have some experience in online education workflow as a teacher.

For now I'm not looking for a job, but I'm interested in networking with people who are interested in stuff below. Some fields of prime interest:

  • systemization and representation of human-readable data (especially personal knowledge) and learning through hypertext; UX, front-end
  • digital workflow in news reading, data collecting, text composing (including scientific articles), human-human communication, collaboration tools
  • education projects: both online education (exploiting potentials of hypertext and multimedia, design-thinking) and offline (physics and robotics) education (and tools for it, like using hypertext for creating reusable knowledge base for teachers)
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