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Vote early, vote often!
11 votes

Voting is indeed very important; it's important for there to be a means for the great, good, mediocre, and poor to be differentiated. Many people like to to simply upvote good answers, but it's ...

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Should we have a bitcoin-canon tag?
Accepted answer
5 votes

Such a tag would seem appropriate for a discussion forum, but not for a Q&A site like this.

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What is too basic to ask?
3 votes

The Meta.SO FAQ has seems to indicate to me that it is not acceptable to deride users for asking easily Googleable questions (see here and here). As such, it seems to me that no question is too basic ...

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Who should control the bitcoin discussion?
2 votes

The existence of Bitcoin.SE should be independent of whether or not there are Bitcoin discussion forums out there. For one thing, Bitcoin.SE is not a discussion forum (it is a Q&A site). ...

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