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Too many closed questions?
Accepted answer
6 votes

I would argue that "It depends on whether the price goes up or down" is a rather obvious not a very helpful answer, while realistically the majority of answers would be discussion and opinion. This ...

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Waiting time before accepting answers
6 votes

I agree that quick answer acceptance is bad. Particularly with Bitcoin vs. say programming, many people have fundamental misunderstandings about it, and it is diffeacult to tell the difference without ...

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What characteristics should our moderators have?
3 votes

I agree with David Perry's answer. Also time commitment is an important element, and a general community policy to make the rules of moderation clear both for users and moderators. I'd like to put my ...

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This site should be renamed
2 votes

I would suggest keeping Bitcoin in the name and perhaps adding a second keyword to communicate inclusiveness (keep it short). "Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies" for example. I would recommend against ...

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How do we improve question and answer quality?
0 votes

I agree in principal, however I think there are some logistical issues with being overly strict. As I pointed out elsewhere unlike programing Q&A where there is a fixed and known answer that is ...

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