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Should questions about programming Bitcoin applications be on topic?
Accepted answer
10 votes

The Area51 example seems like kind of a gray area to me. The questioner wants to interface with bitcoind, but the question itself could apply to any JSON-RPC interface. It's unclear whether those ...

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Can we remove "based on actual problems that you face. " from the FAQ?
5 votes

It should be enforced rather than removed. The rule is there to ensure high-quality questions are asked. See also: Area 51: Asking the First Questions How to Ask in Private Beta This isn't ...

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What characteristics should our moderators have?
5 votes

I think we should try to have moderators that are both experienced StackExchange users and experienced Bitcoin users. Such people aren't too hard to find, so we shouldn't need to compromise too much ...

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Some PR for Bitcoin SE
4 votes

Can we link to Bitcoin SE from the wiki? Where would be appropriate to link from? We've currently got a link from the forums page. Do you think it should be somewhere more prominent? It's ...

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Who should the moderators be? [Nomination]
1 votes

eMansipater Has been helping Bitcoin newcomers for a while now, and is an active StackExchange user.

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