(26 occurrences) has currently several uses related to:

  • (~15) the main bitcoin client
  • (~9) a (possibly alternative) bitcoin client
  • (~2) a generic client (networking term) for various web and misc. APIs

(15 occurrences) has also several uses:

  • (~6) the core bitcoin development
  • (~2) alternative bitcoin client development
  • (~5) web and misc. bitcoin programming
  • (~3) related to building the client from source. (wrongly tagged maybe).

Which of those uses should be distinguished, and how?

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I certainly think that we should split up the client tag to distinguish between Satoshi's original client and other clients. I don't think that we need to split the development tag then since you could use the development tag + one of the client tags.

Not sure what to call the tags though.

  • For Satoshi's client: main-client? original-client?
  • Fot other clients: client? alternative-client?
  • plural “clients” might be considered for other clients maybe. Commented Sep 12, 2011 at 20:24

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