I've asked a number of questions in the past and I generally get "okay" answers, but almost never does the question I originally asked get answered in full. It's often the case that I get an answer that's simply a brief surface-level explanation of one of the concepts and a link to another website.

This creates a situation where I feel I should accept the mediocre answer, or wait for a newer better one. Since the question is already answered by one person it falls off the front page and never gets visited again, even if I don't accept the answer.

I am in a situation where I feel like I must post the same question many times because those who are answering don't really know enough to answer what I'm asking, or don't go into enough detail at all. What can be done about this? I don't want to downvote anyone who answers, but I feel that mediocre answers are not acceptable.

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Some questions could be better

I went through some of your questions and there were a few cases in which the question seemed to be based off of false assumptions. In those cases, the answers usually sought to rectify the information base that the question was derived from, and sometimes it occurred that by that the actual questions became obsolete.

There were also some questions that asked for verification of your interpretation of an issue. There I think that you might get more comprehensive answers if the question focused on formulating the issue at hand instead of attempting its own explanation.

There are also some questions whose title doesn't capture the content of your question well, or where you ask a number of additional question that don't necessarily are very closely related.

Lastly, there were some questions that could only be answered through someone writing a tutorial specific for your issue. Questions like that will probably turn potential answerers away, due to the amount of work to expect.

Few Experts

Additionally, I feel in general there are few experts in the bitcoin space, for whose attention there are strong competitors: Those people are busy building services, doing research, and discussing on the project mailing list or on bitcointalk.


If you are especially interested in more comprehensive answers for some questions you might consider offering a bounty on those, specifying why the current answers don't satisfy you thus far.

  • Is it any way possible to add a BTC/LTC bounty add-on to this site? I'm assuming you mean the stack exchange bounty. I agree that a lot of my questions could be worded / formatted better actually.
    – bvpx
    Commented Oct 25, 2013 at 14:45
  • I don't think that there is a built-in mechanism to offer a BTC/LTC bounty. I am not sure whether it would be appreciated either. If you wish to follow that idea, BTCTalk might be the path of least resistance. Offering a stack exchange bounty leads to a lot more visibility of your question, so that you might get the answer that you want. An interesting, well-phrased question might also earn back the bounty in upvotes. :)
    – Murch Mod
    Commented Oct 25, 2013 at 14:49

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