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Why are alt coins not related to Bitcoin allowed here? [duplicate]

I see questions related to Bitcoin Cash and other forks of Bitcoin. Given that they are not Bitcoin, why are they allowed here?
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Proposal: Narrow topic of Bitcoin.Stackexchange to questions applicable to Bitcoin (Bitcoin.SE) appears to have been misnamed as the scope of "allowed topics" is much wider than Bitcoin. Originally, in Area51, the proposal was for only Bitcoin, but then it ...
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What should this site's name be when we get our new design?

Since this site started, one of the most frequent topics in our meta was this site's scope in regard to other cryptocurrencies. In fact, the site had originally been proposed as "Bitcoin and other ...
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Should questions that are about a specific alternate blockchain be tagged alternative-blockchains?

E.g. should questions about Namecoin all be tagged alternative-blockchains as well?
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What should our FAQ contain? Part 1 - "What kind of questions can I ask here?"

Bump January 26, 2013. I have added eMansipater's suggestion to the FAQ. /D.H. It's time to start working on our FAQ which is one of The 7 Essential Questions of Every Beta. The first section of the ...
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Have the FAQ explicitly allow other crypto-currencies / bitcoin forks

The Area 51 proposal originally included "Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies". I think the FAQ should be changed to include this explicitly. The ones I'm thinking of are currently Bitcoin forks (...
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Are we willing to embrace other cryptocurrencies?

The focus on Bitcoin has kept participation from other cryptocurrencies to a minimum. When the site first launched, the decision made a lot of sense: most of the "alt" currencies were simple forks of ...
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Proposed Timeline for Scope Change

Following up from the proposal to change the Bitcoin stackexchange's scope and the proposed help center text, we propose that the scope change occur on Monday July 1st. This scope change will result ...
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As of 2017, are altcoin-specific questions off-topic?

To be clear, I am referring to questions which have nothing to do with Bitcoin like this: What does one need to do to earn Decred through PoS? Considering the author (@highly-irregular) has been ...
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Are questions about websites central to the community on topic?

Today, someboday asked a question about a feature on Why can't some members vote on I am not sure if there is a consensus here, whether such questions about web-...
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